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Interactive Media Website

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Nicolas Collins Website — our fearless lab manager. You may contact her for all things related to lab 029, the laser and 3-D printers and the other hand/power tools. — our other fearless lab manager. You may also contact him for all things related to lab 029.

Equipment Center Online
Our EC is now fully up and running, thanks to the hard work of Maruan, Terry and the rest of our amazing arts technical team. You can view their daily hours of operation here.
Please note that we have begun to integrate our Film, Music and Theater EQUIPMENT LOANS into one system. You can learn more and reserve equipment directly online via the Connect2 Booking Portal.
The Equipment Center has also taken over STUDENT LOCKER RESERVATIONS in the Arts Center. Please let your students know they can request lockers online via the Connect2 Booking Portal.
FYI — the lockers nearest to our classroom are out the door and left, down the hall, and left again. They number E000-E015 from the bottom across (left to right) and E016-E031 across the top (left to right). I would highly recommend that you choose one of these, then your materials will always be close by the classroom.

NYUAD Visual Arts Website

You can sign up here to receive announcements about tool trainings for students through the visual arts department. DON’T WAIT TO BECOME AUTHORIZED TO WORK IN THE SCULPTURE STUDIOS!

Tetsuo Kogawa

Cracked Ray Tube

The Transistor Museum